Physicist makes a peace sign next to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN


Tamsin Henderson Technology

Technology PR for GÉANT, a high-capacity internet network, for Europe's scientists and researchers.Challenge To raise the profile of GÉANT and the benefits the network delivers to society. Tactics Turning great ideas into engaging stories (pretty easy when you work with this guy) Pitching ...
Goldfinch piano close up for luxury PR


Tamsin Henderson Luxury

Luxury PR for Goldfinch, makers of bespoke, fantastical art pianos -- based in Cambridge.Challenge To develop and implement a Luxury PR campaign to raise awareness of this truly unique company and generate outstanding earned media attention around its official launch. To build ...
Inside a manufacturing factory to show B2B PR


Tamsin Henderson B2B

Barenbrug is one of the largest grass seed manufacturers in the UK. Gather Creative was brought on board to build awareness around its amenities business, through B2B PR and content generation.Challenge To grow Barenbrug’s presence in the media and build a reputation ...
Consumers shopping in a large white shopping centre - consumer PR


Tamsin Henderson Consumer PR

With Christmas fast approaching, leading online tea shop, The Exotic Teapot, needed an urgent consumer PR boost.Challenge When The Exotic Teapot got in touch, magazines were closing their Christmas features. This left only a tiny window to get the brand out there and ...
Two hands holding a big red heart for freelance copywriter case study


Tamsin Henderson Not-For-Profit

The Institute of Civil Engineers Benevolent Fund needed a freelance copywriter to provide clear, consistent language across its new website. As a freelance copywriter in Cambridge, I'm used to working closely with designers and keeping to a detailed brief. For the ...