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Frazzled Fridays: Newsletter #1

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Welcome to my first ever monthly round up for frazzled marketers and people who don’t like writing – which is totally fine and not at all unusual, by the way. (Not the frazzled bit. That’s no good. Take a duvet …

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Confused about digital PR? 5 must-have resources

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Ever feel like you don’t really ‘get’ digital PR? (Or any PR for that matter…) Does the whole shebang leave you feeling a little… lost at sea? Even if you work in marketing, it’s not hard to feel confused sometimes. There’s so much conflicting …

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Your business is actually full of sizzling B2B content

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Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble here. But that ‘new factory upgrade’ story you wrote? It’s not going to whip the world into a frenzy. That’s if it anyone gets past the headline. *Yawn* Not that you’re not an excellent, dedicated …

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How to get more love from Google

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Have you been wondering how to get more love from Google? The dark art of SEO has created a modern day gold-rush. You can’t fail to have noticed the gazillions of content marketing and digital agencies. They’re everywhere. . . Crawling out …

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My simple approach to communications

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Gather Creative was born in 2013, out of a yearning to simplify communications. It’s a small Cambridge agency that does more, with less; and it brings together my two best skills: PR and copywriting. If you’re tired of agencies bamboozling …

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Gather Creative in Guardian Small Biz Showcase

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Read the full story: Marketing and PR Excellence 2014: Gather Creative “When I set up my PR business in 2013, I’d never heard of inbound marketing. After a 10-year gap from agency life, the digital world had changed everything. It …