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Tam’s copy sparkles with personality. She delivers every time and nothing is ever a problem.Tracy Kenny, Internal Communications Manager, Aspers Group
Tam’s a smart cookie who can research complex technical themes and present them as tasty morsels. She also knows how to sell through sell with copy that’s informative, persuasive, but ultimately, natural. There are plenty of hacks out there but Tam is the real deal – a dedicated copywriter who clearly cares about the quality of her work.Ian Mottashed, VP of Marketing, Imagen.

Good copywriting isn’t just about knowing when to use a comma or a colon… Or why an active verb trumps a passive one.

Good copywriting beefs up your open rates, grows traffic, builds trust, converts customers and creates raving fans for your brand.

That’s because good copywriting is THE most powerfully persuasive—yet undervalued power tool—in your marketing bag of tricks.

In fact, words have the power to pull David Blaine like moves in the minds of your target audience. Moves that magically coax, compel and trigger your customers to click, buy and call.

By which I mean: good words get more people through your door, put more money in your pocket and get those fence sitters choosing YOU over your competitors.

But that’s why you’re here, right?

You’ve been wondering how to get more conversions from your website… more leads from your brochures… more sales from your emails…

Because as you’ve come to realise…

Your business is only as good as the words you use.

Truth is: anyone can sell products and services. That’s the easy bit. What’s really clever? HOW you sell them.

Pretty pictures help. Great design? Absolutely. But it’s the words on the page that get people nodding ‘HELL YEAH’ as they scroll through your content.

That’s where my Cambridge copywriter service comes in. So if you’re content isn’t earning its keep: I can help.

Whether it’s a bit of spit and polish or a whole content overhaul, my Cambridge copywriter service uses clear, compelling language with a healthy dollop of science. It’s mind-bendingly persuasive.

And since your written words are part of your sales team, working with a savvy Cambridge copywriter can do wonderful things for your bottom line:

  • Persuasive case studies
  • Dynamic digital content
  • Professionally-polished packaging and print
  • Supremely effective sales letters
  • Lead-capturing emails
  • Attention-grabbing newsletters
  • Compelling marketing materials
  • SEO web copy Google loves as much as your customers

Easy reading is damned hard writing.

Nathaniel Hawthorne
Tam has helped us consistently over the past four years, and her work has been outstanding. We look forward to many more years of working with her.Hanan Kandili, Director, The Double Unit
Tam is an excellent Cambridge copywriter. Her copywriting led to a conversion (to email list) rate of over 90% – unbelievable! Many people said the inspiring course description convinced them to sign up.Rob Percival, Entrepreneur.

Website copywriting in Cambridge

Click, swoosh, bounce, adios!

That’s the sound of people U-turning on your website

Because words aren’t just words; they’re your secret business-building weapon. They’re the difference between a butter knife and a Viking war axe. A rusty pen-knife and a Samurai sword. You wouldn’t chop logs with a butter knife, so why use dull, blunt words in your marketing?

Choosing the right words can mean the difference between a visitor sticking around, or not. Between standing out from your competitors, or not. Between meeting your sales targets, or not.

And since it’s physically impossible to meet all your customers face to face—your online words are all you’ve got.


Are you a consumer or B2B business? If you understand the value of working with a professional copywriter with 15 years’ experience, my Cambridge copywriting service will convert more of your target customers, rev up your Google rankings and dramatically improve the way your brand is perceived.

Tam is brilliant! From taking the time to fully understanding my business to crafting the words to explain it simply and effectively, I cannot recommend her highly enough.Karl Gjertsen, Creator of infiniforms.io
I need a B2B copywriter that hits the brief and by choosing Tam, I know she will produce on time and on spec. I have found Tam’s approach to copywriting to be refreshing, accommodating and really hard-working.Paul Warner, Marketing Consultant.

B2B copywriting in Cambridge

Do these soul-sucking scenarios sound familiar?

“But our stakeholders won’t like it…. We’ve always done it like this… (Brand guidelines, circa: 1983)… The MD likes corporate language… “


Fact is: times have changed. The way we write, read and consume content has shifted forever. The rules you used for yesterday’s B2B copy? No longer apply. If you’re using the same tame, pedestrian, jargonese as everyone else, I guarantee your customers are glazing over and moving on.

But fear not! A professional Cambridge copywriter (that’s me!) can win them back.

With over 15 years’ marketing experience working with brands from Heinz to the European Space Agency, I’ll eke out what keeps your customers awake at night—and write copy that gently nudges them towards the right answer (that’s you).

Get more ROI from your marketing campaigns

From high-converting, SEO web copy, to refreshing white papers, newsletters, blog posts and lead generating emails; I’ll write captivating, pick-up-the-phone copy that prompts your customers, positions you as the sparkling expert you are, and pumps up your sales cycle.

Invest in my Cambridge B2B copywriter service and you will:

  • Help your prospects make more informed decisions.
  • Position yourself as a trusted advisor
  • Educate and help your target audience without overtly selling
  • Motivate more of your customers to take action
  • Convey complex information with eye-popping clarity
  • Quickly communicate both the personal and business value of what you offer

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug 

Robert Southey
Tam’s honest, straightforward copywriting service make her a pleasure to do business with. Always on-time with technically correct, interesting to read resultsRichard Handley, Spectra Displays.
Tam perfectly distilled the vision we’d been trying to articulate. We now have a clear target and an intriguing story. Customers love it.Andrew Lloyd, Marketing Consultant

Why choose this Cambridge copywriter?

Lots of people can write.

You can probably turn out a pretty nifty sentence, yourself. Amiright?

But writing for business isn’t just about good grammar or clear, simple sentences. Writing for business is about marketing, influencing… understanding what makes people tick. It’s about changing minds and behaviours. Closing deals. Sales.

Which means you need to feed every single sentence through a finely tuned persuasion filter. So when it flutters out the other end? It effortlessly conveys those marketing messages you’ve worked so hard to define.

That’s where a Cambridge copywriter with a marketing background can help. (Not just any old Tom, Dick or Susie with an English degree and a flair for prose).

So if you’re looking for a copywriter who blends creativity, science and 15 years’ marketing experience—don’t waste another word.