Men wrestling over money to illustrate sales web copy

Your ‘About’ Page is Losing You Money

Tamsin Henderson Copywriting

Men wrestling over money to illustrate sales web copy

Have you been crafting your website copy?

Tough, isn’t it?

And let me guess…

When it came to your About page, you felt even more stuck. But then you thought, pah, who gets this far? It’s all about my services…

Not so, my friend.

Truth is, your About page is one of your most visited.

And by paying it less attention, you’re probably leaking heaps of cash in the process.

Which makes it low-hanging fruit, just waiting to be scrumped.

By which I mean, if your visitors aren’t champing at the bit after reading your About page copy, you just lost a potential sale.

Because your About page isn’t just about beautifully-crafted words. Your About page is like speed dating.

Allow me to explain.

A brilliant About page mesmerises your customers with excitement, intrigue… recognition.

Imagine: You’re dolled up to perfection; sitting in front of The One – but you’ve only got a few minutes to get them to tick the ‘Yes’ box next to your name.

Do you:

  1. Dazzle them with your Zoolander pout?
  2. Tell them how talented you are, hoping they’ll faint with admiration?
  3. Be interested. Ask questions. Look for common ground?

As you know already: the best way to get someone interested in you is to show interest in them. Why?

Because: How to win friends and influence people… people.

Showering your About page with it’s-all-about-me features is the equivalent of showering it – and your business – with petrol and placing it near a lit match.

Why? Because features bore the living daylights out of people. So your customers? They’ll back away faster than you can say: bounce rate.

Ready to turn your About page into a white-hot sales tool?

Show them the engine room

Nobody else has your your provenance, your reputation, your values, or your unique expertise. Think about it … Five companies: all offering the same thing, with similar services and similar pricing. How do you pick one? More often than not, you choose the one that resonates with you at an emotional level. Whether consciously, or not, you’ll choose the one that aligns with your personal values.

Whether that’s because you identify with a company’s free-spirited vibe, or because you share a mutual concern for the environment…

Birds of a feather flock together.

You see, your About page website copy ratchets open the doors to your business, giving your customers a tour of the engine room – in all its well-oiled, ship-shape glory.

And if they like what they see?

They’re much more likely to part with their cash.

Let’s take a look at some website copy examples

Zendesk: a fantastic example of an About page bristling with pep and personality.

Zendesk About page to demonstrate great website copy

Friendly photos of the founders; conversational, personality-filled copywriting, values that highlight their likeability and boundless commitment to their customers. It all adds up to a powerful web copy formula for this market leader.

By comparison, Freshdesk has an About page with much less personality.

Freshdesk About page to demonstrate poor website copy


There’s nothing hugely wrong here, but you have to work much harder to get them. How can I know (without meeting them in person) they’re the ones for me? And by default, how they’ll treat my customers?

If an About page’s web copy conceals more than it reveals, and your customers have to pull the curtain to peek behind it; they’ll hop on over to your competitor.

FACT: Better web copy = more sales

Let’s say purely for examples sake, you get 100 website visitors to your site every month, and three people pick up the phone and buy your service at £100 each.  That’s a conversion rate of 3% and £300 in your pocket.

Now imagine your carefully re-written About page is perfectly resonating with your carefully-researched and highly specific target customer.

Your conversion rate is pretty damn likely to increase.

So now you’ve lowered your bounce rate and you’re seeing a conversion rate of 6%. That’s £600 fat ones in your pocket.

But here’s the thing…

Your confidence grows, so too demand — and you’re in a strong position to double your fee. Word gets out about your five star service… in time your traffic grows. Now you’re getting 500 visitors a month at your 6% conversion rate.

That’s £3000 (a 1000% increase). JUST BECAUSE OF YOUR WORDS.

See how it grows?

Because, if you hadn’t noticed, crafting the right website copy can mean the difference between making sale, or not. Yep, even the difference between meeting your targets, or not.

In fact, I’d even go so far as to say your brand is only as good as the words it uses.

…So remember: words are pretty much your biggest and most powerful sales tool… Don’t let them go to waste!

Rewrite your website copy (or get a professional copywriter to help) and watch what happens to your conversion rates.

What have you got to lose?

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