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“When I set up my PR business in 2013, I’d never heard of inbound marketing. After a 10-year gap from agency life, the digital world had changed everything. It was a far cry from my first PR job; stuffing press releases into envelopes. Adrift in a world of online tools, SEO and analytics, I read everything I could; a dinosaur in a sea of razor-sharp millenials, all shouting: CONTENT IS KING!! Gingerly, I wrote my first guest blog post and went knocking on doors in search of SEO magic, but nothing stuck.

Then, one morning, I woke to 65 notifications on my phone. My first piece of digital content had been published overnight. I shared it on my new Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and soon the phone started ringing.

In time, my portfolio grew. In just 18 months, what started as an experiment grew into a fully-fledged business. Now I blend traditional and digital PR techniques. It works really well.

Now I feel so lucky. New business just comes through the door and I can make smarter choices. The year ahead is looking rosy and I’m in the process of building a team. The key is to never stop learning and developing your digital knowledge. If I can do it, anyone can.

Tam Henderson is the PR director of Gather Creative.