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My simple approach to communications

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Make it simple but significant Cambridge communications agency

Gather Creative was born in 2013, out of a yearning to simplify communications.

It’s a small Cambridge agency that does more, with less; and it brings together my two best skills: PR and copywriting.

If you’re tired of agencies bamboozling you with jargon, or charging the earth just to complicate matters—here’s how I can help:

First, I rewrite all your words, (because even your website and emails are part of your sales team) and make them clear, compelling… and ALL about your customer.

Then, I fine-tune your messages, to show—with dazzling clarity—what makes your company special.

Next, I share those messages with the people your customers listen to.

If those influencers like what they see? POW! You get some magical third party endorsement and mother Google catapults you up the search rankings.

A less is more approach

Not too long ago I looked around and saw that PR and marketing had become brain-meltingly complicated.

Despite 15 years’ at the coalface of communications; jargon-overload had my head spinning. So, how on earth did my clients feel?

I wondered if I could find a way to weed out the nonsense, declutter the drivel and make life easier for the businesses I worked with.

So I started an experiment in saying more, with less.

I became ruthless at streamlining and sculpting flabby copy. A student of distilling and refining fuzzy messages.

I launched a Cambridge communications agency, offering no-frills public relations and straight-forward copywriting.

At first, I worried people liked long, elaborate copy and complex strategies—stuffed with fancy words.

But before too long, my experiment led me to some fascinating projects.

It turned out, simplicity got better results than I could ever have imagined.

Simple captured people’s imagination.

Simple got journalists to read my press releases.

Simple turned interest into action

Simple helped my clients to SHINE.

So I couldn’t help but make simplicity the core value of my business.

Want to try it for yourself?

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