Lady enjoying a beer because its Friday Cambridge PR

It’s Friday. Have a beer.

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Lady enjoying a beer because its Friday Cambridge PR

I love a good PR stunt. Except when it’s not a PR stunt. Bentley’s aftershave: Infinite Rush, is redefining ‘new-car smell’ and appeals to the man who enjoys, get this: “Driving the Bentayga through sand dunes in the desert, or jumping from a helicopter into the sea.” (While doused in “an explosion of pink peppercorn,” obviously). Is this for real? Sadly yes. And who is this chap? I need to meet him. P.S. Please shoot me if I ever write anything like this.

Talking of PR stunts. This week, KFC took ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ to new heights of gross with chicken flavour nail varnish; while Pizza Hut broke a world record: with the highest altitude pizza delivery on land. Predictable, but ludicrously compulsive. Job done. wanted national coverage. The brief? Make some news out of thin air without spending any money. One home-made survey, a smashed calculator and a bar full of terrified students later and…Ta da! Creative risks, are… well, risky. But sometimes it’s worth the pain.

You’re back from the bar with that fancy new craft ale. Sip. Mmmm… Straw hats splashed with watery pine resin, you say. Perhaps she drank a bottle of Infinite Rush, your friends think. More likely, you’re addicted to this genius tasting notes generator. Handy if, like me, you’ve been writing about artisan gins and cocktails recently.

Favourite word of the month. Let’s hope we get to do this again very soon.

How do you feel about writing your own content? Does it bring you out in itchy hives?  Read my tips over on Social Media Today. Sometimes, you just gotta start where you are.

Wishing you a sun-filled rest of the month.


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