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How to get more love from Google

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How to get more Google Love robot

Have you been wondering how to get more love from Google?

The dark art of SEO has created a modern day gold-rush.

You can’t fail to have noticed the gazillions of content marketing and digital agencies. They’re everywhere. . .

Crawling out of the woodwork. All promising the earth.

So what can a PR agency offer, that they don’t?

When Google got wise to dubious and damaging link building schemes—all eyes turned to genuine earned media coverage.

Not owned. Not paid-for. EARNED.

But, as we all know, crafting news stories and getting influencers to share them, is painstaking, skilful work.

It requires nous, knack and serious knowhow.

When it’s done right, it’s not only the most convincing type of content (think third party endorsement)—it’s also the most potent.

Meaning: it gets Google GIDDY with love for you.

And when that happens . . . HOLY PARPADELLE!—take a peek at your search rankings!

Which is kind of the reason we’re all here, yes?

A good PR agency has the right skills to connect you with the right influencers.

And, they know how to write a story high-authority editors want to publish—and people want to share. (Which is precisely what Google needs to see).

After all, that’s what we’ve been doing for years . . .

A plucky PR agency—if they’ve done their homework—will also integrate Google search data to create irresistible content that helps your customers find you more easily.

So, your campaigns are as rigorous, as they are creative.

The magical effect of using SEO PR to romance Google is often overlooked, yet its power is UNDENIABLE.

Are you getting enough Google love?

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