Full Disclosure: What I’m Working On Now

Tamsin Henderson Copywriting, PR

featured-imageHow do you describe what you do?

Can you sum it up in snappy soundbites?

Not always easy, is it?

I do lots of things here at Gather Creative. And they don’t always package neatly into a single sentence (or even two). At least not without sounding robotic or elevator-pitchy-cheesy.

So when I saw this Now page by Derek Sivers—one of my favourite business type gurus—I felt inspired by its simplicity and logic. And since I never seem to have time to update my work pages, I thought it would be a good way to give people a window into what I do, and how I can help.

So here’s mine, tweaked.

Ghostly collaborations and white labelling

A lot of my work is ‘white labelling’.  This could be ghost-writing for a director, or running PR campaigns under another agency’s name.  I love the variety. Clients love the flexibility.

There’s the Double Unit: a communications agency for architecture and the built environment. There’s Luxury Lloyd: a marketing agency specialising in, well… luxury. There’s also a a ludicrously successful tech entrepreneur; and a cluster of small but brilliant web and branding agencies.

Sometimes I sit in on client meetings, other times I’m quietly tapping away behind the scenes. The rich soup of diversity keeps the old brain sparky.

Feeding the B2B content machine

About 60% of my time is spent writing for B2B businesses. Mostly content for software, agriculture and tech. It could be case studies and web pages… lead capturing emails and whatnot.

I get thrills (tragic, I know) from helping these companies sound more human. From untangling the complex. From smoothing down bounce rates. And, from making their words more persuasive. It’s a weirdly addictive blend of science and creativity—and I love it.

Currently working with: an energy distribution company, a digital asset management specialist, an international grass seed manufacturer, an LED sign designer and a software business that fixes workflows.

Writing for consumer businesses

I also write copy for consumer brands. Recent projects include: sales letters for an insurance company, video scripts for a software company, website copy for an app making parents’ lives easier and marketing materials for a national chain of casinos.

“Make us sound more approachable and less corporate,” they all say. It’s a lot of fun.

PR for consumer businesses

I founded my career many moons ago, working with big brands like: Heinz, Muller, Weight Watchers and Highland Spring… And boy have things changed since the days of celebrity photos calls and flinging out press releases.

Today, PR is a heady mix of disciplines in a constant flux of innovation: content, social, data, multimedia, SEO, analytics.  It requires a HUGE investment of time, nous and resources, aka blood, sweat and tears. So it’s got to be the right fit—and it’s why I tend to only take on a handful of projects a year.

Why bother with a Now page?

Most people see a Now page as a cute productivity tool. I get that. But it’s also great for business.

I mean, isn’t what you’re working on now just as interesting to potential customers as what you did in the past? (That’s what I’m hoping anyway).

Being transparent about what you’re working on now—be it through a dedicated web page or blog post—provides a freshly polished window into what you’re like to work with as a person or company.

It reflects your current interests and priorities… highlights your most sought-after skills. It lets people peek at your existing clients (always a nice touch of social proof).  It also gives people a clear view into your availability, while showing off those nicely toned relationships you’ve worked so hard to build.

And so on and so on.

What about you? How’s your NOW looking?

I hope this gives you a peep into what I do and how it could link into your own business.  If you’re an in-house or agency marketer and your ‘Now’ could use an extra pair of hands, or you simply need to make your brand brighter, busier, better: why not get your people to call my people? Let’s meet and drink caffeinated liquids together.

Get in touch.