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Frazzled Fridays: Newsletter #1

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A Frazzled marketer

Welcome to my first ever monthly round up for frazzled marketers and people who don’t like writing – which is totally fine and not at all unusual, by the way. (Not the frazzled bit. That’s no good. Take a duvet day, if that’s you).

Here I’ll share refreshingly honest PR insights, insider short-cuts and useful tips, to help you get more attention and more sales.

Jumping right in…

A little bit (a lot) obsessed with Edgar. And not because it’s a clever social media tool. Edgar’s simple, chatty newsletter copy superglues your eyes to the page (take note jargon-fanatics). The cheerful tone humanises the brand, invites you along for the ride and reminds you it’s going to be as fun as it is useful. Delightfully effective.

How do you make the business of car batteries interesting? (while proving your battery can start a car at minus 40 degrees Celsius?). B2B marketers, here’s some cool inspiration.

Can PR boost your content marketing? Last week, one of my stories got featured on The Next Web, reaching over 3 million Twitter accounts.  Since then, (cough) we’ve had orders from all over the world – far beyond the reach of the campaign. Integrating PR into your digital mix boosts the ‘pitchability’ of your content. And pitchable content is more likely to get shared and amplified. Win, win!

Sick of people banging on about features over benefits? Me too. But let’s labour the point one more time—for example’s sake. If you’re looking for a virtual reality suit with an upgradable modular system and 52-point haptic feedback, (yeah, no idea either) this Teslasuit might be for you!

Confused about PR? Even if you work in marketing, it’s easy to feel lost at sea. Here are my top tips for clearing the mist.

If this is true, WE’RE ALL DOOMED. A shocking amount of what we’re reading is created not by humans, but by computer algorithms? I’m not convinced (but then I’m biased). Can you you guess which is which?

Talking of social, Tweetreach is a lovely (free) tool to monitor what people are saying about your brand. Did you know it can dig up historical analytics too? Measure the impact of an event or hashtag, then use the data to beef up your pitch, project or plan. Here’s how.

Enjoy the rest of the month. Hope it’s a great one.


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