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Confused about digital PR? 5 must-have resources

Tamsin Henderson PR

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Ever feel like you don’t really ‘get’ digital PR? (Or any PR for that matter…)

Does the whole shebang leave you feeling a little… lost at sea?

Even if you work in marketing, it’s not hard to feel confused sometimes.

There’s so much conflicting information out there: “What do journalists want? How do I measure results? Is digital PR the new SEO?  Which channels should I be using? Is the press release really dead? ”

The list goes on.

Last week, a kindly client made a case in point:

“Tam, your PR is generating more interest in our products than all our marketing efforts combined.”

Truly, deeply—a heart-warming career moment.

But in the same sentence, he said:

“But we don’t really understand what it is you do.”

Cue: Me almost choking on my sandwich.

And the realisation that, while they understand the benefit, a lot of marketers find themselves in the same boat.

Then followed an awkward few minutes of me trying (and failing) to cram a PR shaped encyclopaedia into a very small nutshell.

Much hand waving and polite, unconvincing nodding later, we silently agreed to switch topics.

Because let’s face it: today’s digital PR isn’t the easiest thing to explain in small, digestible sound-bites.

I mean, check out this definition from the CIPR.

Makes your head spin doesn’t it?

It’s a well-known irony that PR suffers from the biggest identity crisis of them all.

Put 100 PR people in a room, ask them to describe what they do, and (semantics aside) you’ll get 100 different answers.

And that’s before we’ve even talked about the ever-changing technology landscape…

Or the many ways people consume online media nowadays.

Or the digital PR revolutionaries versus the PR traditionalists. (Something for another post).

But don’t panic, just yet. There are a few people absolutely nailing it when it comes to making sense of this crazy little thing we call digital or online PR. And I’ve weeded them out so you don’t have to!

Here are five download-and-use-em blogs and resources I turn to again and again.

If you work in marketing and you’re looking for a little more clarity on digital PR, these are a great place to start.

I hope you find them useful.

Need to justify PR in your marketing plan? The clever people at Onboardly lay down some sage advice on finding your story, measuring your campaigns and demonstrating the power of digital PR. Simple. Straight-talking. Irrefutable.

How can you enhance the content you produce every day? How can storytelling drive sales and ultimately boost your bottom line? Nasdaq Corporate Solutions and Ragan Communications get down to business in this free 20-page guide.

If you’re still not sure why you need to integrate SEO in your digital PR, you need to read this. Includes unique research into how decision-makers in Mobile & Telecoms, Business Technology and FinTech act when researching and selecting new partners. Even if you’re not in tech, you’ll gain a lot from this.

Eye-opening stuff that’ll change the way you think about digital PR forever more. Everything you need to strengthen your future communications strategies is here, plus the measurement you’ve long been looking for (and a lot more besides). Your new PR bible.

Today’s upheaval in the PR industry is redefining our business in a similar way that the industrial revolution retooled manufacturing. Here, the inimitable Lou Hoffman captures 10 symbols that remind us this isn’t our father’s PR industry.

One book, nineteen expert contributors, 15,000 words and 40+ tools—all guaranteed to make your digital PR easier. What more could you possibly want?  Oh, yeah. It’s completely free.

I hope those help, fellow marketers! As for me, my quest to simplify digital PR, to find effective models for evaluation and for using brilliant technology—continues.  Do you have any vital or inspiring resources? I’d love to hear about them.

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