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How to change the text on any website

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Imagine if you could change the text on ANY website.

You could:

  • Test out new copy ideas
  • Demonstrate potential headline improvements
  • Wow your clients
  • Tease your friends

Well happy news… It’s totally possible!

You just need to add this neat little tool to your box of tricks.

Side note: this tool only temporarily changes the text on any website, and only YOU can see those changes. (But that’s what screen grabbing’s for, right?)

Ready to pretend you hacked the internet? Cue: evil cackle.

Here goes.

  1. Highlight the javascript text below.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable = ‘true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

2. Drag the highlighted text into your bookmarks bar

Like this… (click the gif if it’s not autoplaying)



3. Click the item every time you want to edit text on any website.

Like this:


Now you can magically change the text on any website, to shock, impress and surprise people to your heart’s content.

Have fun!

UPDATE: Sometimes your bookmarks bar will edit the text as you drag it in, and this trick won’t work.  (Depends on your browser and what mood it’s in).  If that happens, right click on the item in the menu bar and paste in the javascript again — and hit save. Now it should work!

If you’re still struggling, try this.

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