How to use online tools to write better content

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Who doesn’t enjoy a cheeky shortcut? Especially when it comes to the uphill effort of writing. A template here, a productivity hack there… What’s not to love? Same goes for online tools… there are some incredible ones out there these days. Grammarly, …


Hurrah! Two award nominations for Gather Creative

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Couldn’t resist sharing the news that Gather Creative has made the finals of two fantastic awards: Cambridgeshire Digital Awards (Best Marketing & Creative Website) and Best Business Women Awards (Best Business Services). Cambridgeshire Digital Awards aims to reward innovation and progressive thinking by businesses …

Lady enjoying a beer because its Friday Cambridge PR

It’s Friday. Have a beer.

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I love a good PR stunt. Except when it’s not a PR stunt. Bentley’s aftershave: Infinite Rush, is redefining ‘new-car smell’ and appeals to the man who enjoys, get this: “Driving the Bentayga through sand dunes in the desert, or jumping from …

A Frazzled marketer to represent Cambridge PR

Frazzled Fridays: Newsletter #1

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Welcome to my first ever monthly round up for frazzled marketers and people who don’t like writing – which is totally fine and not at all unusual, by the way. (Not the frazzled bit. That’s no good. Take a duvet …

Guardian logo Cambridge PR

Gather Creative in Guardian Small Biz Showcase

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Read the full story: Marketing and PR Excellence 2014: Gather Creative “When I set up my PR business in 2013, I’d never heard of inbound marketing. After a 10-year gap from agency life, the digital world had changed everything. It …