Hurrah! Two award nominations for Gather Creative

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Couldn’t resist sharing the news that Gather Creative has made the finals of two fantastic awards: Cambridgeshire Digital Awards (Best Marketing & Creative Website) and Best Business Women Awards (Best Business Services). Cambridgeshire Digital Awards aims to reward innovation and progressive thinking by businesses …

Art materials to revive the lost art of B2B case studies

How to revive the lost art of B2B case studies

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Ah,  the good old fashioned B2B case study. Safe, reliable… not particularly exciting. The Ford Mondeo of the marketing world. But wait! Case studies CAN be interesting. (And no, they don’t have to be formulaic and shoved into a *problem, solution, …

Men wrestling over money to illustrate sales web copy

Your ‘About’ Page is Losing You Money

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Have you been crafting your website copy? Tough, isn’t it? And let me guess… When it came to your About page, you felt even more stuck. But then you thought, pah, who gets this far? It’s all about my services… Not …

Grass for Cambridge copywriting post

What a crooked gardener taught me about trust

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I’ve spent the past three months searching for a gardener to help out with my parents’ relentless, rampaging, soon-to-be out of control garden. So far, I’ve contacted eleven. The first swindled my 80-year old mum into paying three months upfront—then …

Lady enjoying a beer because its Friday Cambridge PR

It’s Friday. Have a beer.

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I love a good PR stunt. Except when it’s not a PR stunt. Bentley’s aftershave: Infinite Rush, is redefining ‘new-car smell’ and appeals to the man who enjoys, get this: “Driving the Bentayga through sand dunes in the desert, or jumping from …

A Frazzled marketer to represent Cambridge PR

Frazzled Fridays: Newsletter #1

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Welcome to my first ever monthly round up for frazzled marketers and people who don’t like writing – which is totally fine and not at all unusual, by the way. (Not the frazzled bit. That’s no good. Take a duvet …

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Confused about digital PR? 5 must-have resources

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Ever feel like you don’t really ‘get’ digital PR? (Or any PR for that matter…) Does the whole shebang leave you feeling a little… lost at sea? Even if you work in marketing, it’s not hard to feel confused sometimes. There’s so much conflicting …

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Your business is actually full of sizzling B2B content

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Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble here. But that ‘new factory upgrade’ story you wrote? It’s not going to whip the world into a frenzy. That’s if it anyone gets past the headline. *Yawn* Not that you’re not an excellent, dedicated …