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Gather Creative is a Cambridge PR & copywriting agency that gets good stuff done

Looking to supercharge your sales? Want more people to know and love your brand? Here you’ll find smart PR and copywriting—delivered with 15 years’ worth of marketing knowhow. It’s a logical combination that works a treat.

You’ve seen my work in:
Clued-up communications, without the big agency fees.Natasha R, Pavilion Publishing

Like magic sauce for your business

You’re a frazzled marketer with big plans (but barely enough time to drink your coffee).

You know the right words can mean the difference between a sale—or not. But they don’t come easily, or they’re just not your thing.

Well say goodbye to head-scratching and yucky, reheated hot drinks. Here’s how Gather Creative can help:

Uncomfortable trumpet blowing aside: ask me to help with your PR and copywriting, and you’ll get a results-driven service that’s light on the gobbledygook and heavy on the ROIGet in touch and let’s see if we click.

Tam is a wonderful find. Very skilled, obliging, patient and helpful to work with.Dr J. Palmer, Anglia Ruskin University

What’s in it for you

Too many plates to spin? Or maybe you know what to say, but you’re wrestling with how to say it?  How much easier would your job be, if you had one trusted (and seriously affordable) Cambridge PR and copywriting agency to tackle it all for you?


  • On-demand PR and copywriting (for busy people just like you)
  • Marketing content that delivers results— not just pretty words
  • A team of digital supremoes who can scale to fit your needs
  • Extra bang for your buck—no big agency overheads
  • More coverage, more hits, more tangible results
Tam is one of the most effective and energetic people I’ve met, she’s also a pleasure to work with, being down to earth, humble, helpful and sharp.Paul M, GÉANT

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